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15 Jun 2022
Shinzo Abe Ex prime minister of japan was shot today

Nara scene was captured by someone in facebook
Assasination attempt in city of nara earlier today shinzo abe was shot in public using shotgun from behind, the identity of the murderer is still not found who did it, the mysterious figure that walked in plain sight deliberately point his gun at the ex-prime minister during political campaign city of nara. at the moment chief cabinet hirokazu matsuno still didn't know the current shinzo's condition.

Matsuno, told a briefing Abe had been shot at about 11:30 a.m. (0230 GMT), adding, "Such an act of barbarity cannot be tolerated."

confirmed cases that people were there " No vital sign was shown " however we do pray for abe's safety that hes still alive, abe's contribution to japan and some economy ideas does help many country before. i'm shocked this happens on japan, never in my life actually gun like " shotgun" allowed to be on that country. don't make any speculation yet we just need to wait the real news about this.

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